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10 Best Places To Meet Women

by nick

You don’t need a map telling you where to go to meet women. Look around you, women are absolutely everywhere!  So get out of the house and start approaching women. Below is a list of the 10 best places to meet women. Start visiting them today!

Meet Women Throughout The Day

You can meet women when they’re on their own throughout the day. A few good places to meet women are coffee shops, supermarkets, on public transport, banks etc.

You will have more success at approaching women when they are on their own. This is because when she is around her friends, or work colleagues, she will be conscious of what they may think of her talking to you.

Also when a woman is with a group of female friends, you tend to get cock blocked. They will do this by interrupting the conversation, or by pulling her away. Her friend may say something like ‘Come on we need to get going!’

When a woman is on her own,  she will act differently, compared to when she is with a group of people. Remember this when approaching women throughout the day.

Meet Women Online

Dating online is viewed by some people as sad and desperate. I am not one of them. The main advantage of online dating is that it is easier to meet women and skips the introduction stage.

Women that use online dating sites tend to be a bit older, say 25 and over. Try to meet the women you get along with online as quick as you can. Don’t waste time sending emails or private messages.

Most websites offer free trials, so take advantage of this before signing up.

Remember that you’re trying to advertise yourself. So write a load of interesting stuff on your profile and be witty. Don’t put yourself down or anything negative. You should have more than one profile picture. Be daring with action shots and pictures of yourself relaxing.

Make sure you ask to see a picture of her before you meet up. You don’t want to waste your time on women that are below your standards. Only go for women that seem genuine and attractive.

Check out The Online Game by Derek Lamont. Its full of online dating tips that will improve your dating success, from social sites like facebook to dating sites like eHarmony.

Meet Women Speed Dating

This tends to be more popular with women than men, which is why it’s a good opportunity for you. A bunch of single men and women take it in turns to have  one on one conversations with each other at a table for about 5 minutes, then swap.

Be playful when giving your answers to questions. You don’t have to tell the full truth.

The advantage of speed dating is that it forces you into a situation where you have to talk to women. The types of women at these events are like the ones you will find on dating websites.

Meet Women At Weddings

When single women go to weddings, they are hoping to meet a single man. The key is to  socialize with as many people as possible whilst you’re there and don’t get drunk. An easy topic to talk about is how you know the bride and groom, and go from there.

Meet Women At Work

Many relationships begin at the workplace. This is because you are around women most of the time, under various challenging conditions that need trust. However, you should only let women approach you in the work place. If you approach them and they’re not interested it could lead you into trouble, even getting the sack. So be careful.

Meet Women In Nightclubs And Bars

One thing you can say about nightclubs and bars is that you get many attractive women hanging out in one area. However there are a lot of disadvantages that go with it.

One problem is that throughout the night, most women will get approached by drunken men. So straight away they’re on their guard. Believe it or not, most women go to nightclubs and bars to have a drink with their friends and dance. Not to look for a man.

Nearly all women will go to a club with a group of friends. So if you do end up chatting to a hot girl, you will be in competition with her friends that want to get her away from you. Also be aware of jealous men to. They will try to do the same thing.

If you want to pull women in clubs then don’t get drunk or get into fights. Both turn women off. You should dress to impress without going too over the top, and have a wingman that can talk to her mates whilst you are talking to her. Splitting the girl up from her mates is going to be difficult. They will only let her go off with you if they like and trust you.

Meet Women In Pubs

Pubs are usually a completely different place to bars and nightclubs. People are more relaxed and willing to socialize after a hard day’s work.

If you are an older man, pubs are also a good opportunity to meet older women, who tend to stay away from night clubs.

Pubs also have happy hours which usually end just before dinner time. This could be a good opportunity to grab a bite to eat with the woman you have just met.

Meet Women At House Parties

House parties can be fun. You will  know a lot of people as you should’ve been invited (unless you’re a gatecrasher). The music isn’t too loud so you will find it easier to have conversations with the women you approach. And you can always move onto somewhere quieter like the bedroom!

Meet Women At Classes

You should carefully pick classes where there will be a lot of women and very little men. It can be difficult flirting with a class mate without it being obvious. If she can tell that you are attracted to her before she is attracted to you, then you might scare her off.

The best way to go about this is by having a conversation with her about the class subject. Search the internet and try to find out as much as you can about the topic. This will show that you are an expert in the field which will increase your alpha status.

Types of classes you should consider are:

  • Foreign languages
  • Art
  • Cooking
  • Dance
  •  Yoga

The advantage of taking such classes is that you will have plenty to talk about when you meet women, and you will be improving yourself.

Meet Women In Your Social circle

A lot of couples meet through their social circle. They may have been set up on a date or met through mutual friends. So with this in mind, you should work at increasing your social network of friends, both male and female. Meet up with old friends, hang around with people from work, and make new friends. If you do this you will be introduced to more people in your life.

To build your social network you just need to be friendly and proactive. Being friendly just means focusing yourself on the other person’s enjoyment. Fill them with positive emotions.

If you are lonely it usually comes from negativity and a poor mindset. If you are like this no one will want to hang around with you. People want to be your friend if they receive an added benefit. Their benefit is that they enjoy and have fun when they hang out with you.

When you’re with friends, let them talk about what they want to. As an alpha male you are not needy and you don’t have to always steer the conversation to talk about yourself.

You need to be proactive. So instead of waiting for people to call you, be the leader and organise your social life.

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