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How to Make a Woman Squirt

by nick

Learning how to make a woman squirt is one of the most powerful and rewarding skills you’ll ever need to learn.  Mastering this technique will give you unbelievable confidence in the bedroom and make you one of the very few men that know how to give women what they want.

To give her a mind blowing orgasm we provide you with this step-by-step guide on how to make a woman squirt.

Make her wet – You need to get her in the mood and make her feel relaxed. Start by kissing and touching her erogenous zones – this will make her feel aroused and wet. Stimulate her clitoris by rubbing it in a subtle circular motion with your index finger and thumb. Increase the pressure as she gets more and more excited.

Use your fingers – Feel the outer rim of her vagina. Once she’s really wet, take your index finger and use your spit to make it nice and moist. Make sure your nails are trimmed and not sharp, because you could hurt her. Gently slide your finger inside her vagina with your palm facing up. Start to finger her and get her even juicier. When you think she’s ready to have an amazing orgasm you may begin.

Find her G-spot – You need to find her g-spot. About 2 – 3 inches into her vagina you should find a round ball of skin. This is her G-spot. Stroke this area by lightly curling and uncurling your finger. Tease and stimulate this spot with your finger. She should be moaning and breathing heavily by now.

Find a rhythm – As you start to find a rhythm, she should start getting wetter. If you’re doing it right, you’ll start to hear squelching sounds. She’ll start to thrust and move her hips. Try to time the up and down movements of your finger to meet with her thrusts, whilst pressing your finger against her G-spot.

Increase the tempo – As she starts to get wetter and enjoying it more, start doing it harder. The more she thrusts her hips the harder you should do it. Start sliding your fingers in and out of her vagina faster and ensure that you maintain the rhythm. Whilst doing this, keep sliding your fingers in and out in an upwards motion so that you’re still pressing up against her G-spot.

Encourage her to let go – If she hasn’t squirted during orgasm before, she may say that she feels like she’s going to urinate. She does not need to urinate. It’s a temporary sensation that’ll pass, so encourage her to let go and make sure that she doesn’t stop you.

Don’t stop – When the pee sensation begins, she will start to cum. When she does, whatever you do, don’t stop. Just slide your fingers in and out of her vagina upwards, harder and harder. As she reaches orgasm she should start to ejaculate. When she ejaculates, she’ll start shooting clear, odourless liquid. It might be a light gush or a full on spray that’ll completely soak you and your bed sheets – so be prepared.

Other Tips for Making Women Squirt

Give her a break – Once she’s ejaculated her vagina might become extra sensitive so it may be best to give her a break before going back for more – let her return the favour.

Have her drink lots of water – If you want her to ejaculate in great volumes, have her drink lots of water before you do it, and stay well hydrated.

Make sure she knows what you intend to do – You should always make sure she knows what you’re going to do and make sure that she’s fine with it beforehand.

Make sure she’s enjoying it – If she’s screaming in pain rather than pleasure, stop what you’re doing.

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