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Best Places To Go For A Great First Date

by nick

So you have approached her, got her number, organised to meet up but not sure where to go? You’ve come to the right place! If you want to impress single women on a first date you need to take her on a date that she will never forget. I have put together a list of creative dating ideas for a first date that will make a lasting impression and make you stand out among the other men she has dated.

First Date Ideas

  • Coffee shop – This is a great place to go to get to know her better. You can sit down with a nice cup of coffee and have a conversation in a relaxed atmosphere. In fact, it is so laid back that she may not even consider it as the first date. This works in your favour as when women go on first dates they tend to put their barriers up. They consciously think, ‘I can’t have sex on the first date,’ or ‘I have got to play hard to get.’ Go to a coffee shop that you know well. It works in your favour if you are a regular customer and know the staff. Her mind will be at ease if she can see that you know the people that work there and that you’re not some sort of weirdo.
  • Bowling – Bowling may seem like the type of date you would go on when you was in your teens, but it is also a good place to go for a first date. You can engage in friendly competition whilst having a bite to eat and drink. It has a fun, relaxed atmosphere that will make her feel comfortable which is important for getting that second date.
  • Zoo – Zoos may seem a bit cheesy and uncomfortable for a first date. However assuming that the weather is nice, it can be one of the best places for a first date. It has a mixture of conversation and entertainment. Women also love animals. Most zoos also have somewhere you can get a bite to eat so you can carry the date on once you have finished having fun looking at the animals.
  • Ice Skating – This is a great way to get to know each other whilst having fun. Even if she can’t skate you can hold her hands to help her stay up. Holding hands is a great way of making her feel comfortable. It shows that you aren’t afraid to touch her. Stopping her from falling over also builds up trust. You can casually skate around the ice rink whilst in conversation and move onto another venue after you have finished.
  • Comedy Club – This is a great place for a first date. Pick a comedian that you know is funny, so make sure you look at the line up beforehand. Most comedy clubs have bars so you can always grab a drink and engage in conversation if the comedian isn’t funny. Also whenever she thinks about you she will remember how much of a good time she had and will want to relive the experience (assuming the comedian is funny of course).
  • Amusement Parks – This really makes for a fun first date, especially if you both enjoy terrifying roller coasters. Also, try to win her a teddy bear or memento.
  • Music Festival – Almost everyone likes music, so why not take her to a local music festival.
  • Picnics – Pick a nice spot near where you’re meeting up and bring a bottle of wine and some quick snacks before settling down for food and conversation. This is a simple first date idea that is about getting to know your date.
  • Bar – This is probably one of the safest first date ideas, and therefore the most-used. You can always make it more interesting by visiting a bar with a live band.
  • Restaurant – Take her to a restaurant that you have been to before and know the quality of the food and service.
  • Dine In – If you already have great cooking skills then why not invite your date over to your place for a nice home cooked meal.
  • Theatre – Attend a live theatre performance that you both haven’t seen before. Many larger towns offer live shows that are just as good as a Broadway or West End play.
  • Walking – This is a very simple first date idea, however most men avoid it as they feel that they need to do something and spend money to impress their date. If you’re an interesting guy and she is a fun person to spend time with, a walk around town or your local park will be fine.

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