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Friends With Benefits Tips: How to Get a F*ck Buddy

by nick

Having a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship is a must for any single guy that isn’t looking for a girlfriend and just wants to have no-strings-attached-sex.

You call or text them whenever you like, you meet up, have great sex and then depart as friends without any feelings lost. Sounds simple right? Well, in an ideal world this is exactly how a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship should work. You’re two friends that both agree to have casual sex without any kind of commitment or romance.

In reality, entering a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship can have its problems.  Luckily for you, this article will tell you how to get a f*ck buddy and keep her like that until you move on without losing her as a friend.

Not only am I going to tell you how, I’m going to detail what you should and shouldn’t do along with some general rules so that you can both enjoy a friends with benefits relationship without getting hurt.

The Secret to Getting a F*ck Buddy

So how do you get a f*ck buddy? Well, firstly there are two different types of f*ck buddies; women that you already know, and others that you’ve picked up one night and continued to have sex with.  Let’s start with the latter.

I’ve noticed that the best type of women to get as f*ck buddies are those with a professional career. They’re usually too busy for a relationship and all they’re looking for is sexual relief. That’s where you come in. You’ll usually find them at bars and clubs, looking to be picked up by men that don’t want anything more than no-strings-attached-sex.  It starts out as a one-night-stand that escalates into a ‘friend with benefits’ relationship.  You keep in contact and only meet up when you want sex.

A ‘friends with benefits’ relationship becomes a little more complex when it’s with a female friend. It can’t be a friend that you hang out with all the time and know really well. You’re already a close friend of theirs which makes you far too valuable to risk losing over something as trivial as sex. And if she’s a good friend of yours, then entering a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship is a definite no go area as there’s the possibility that one of you will end up getting hurt. So how do you turn a female friend into a f*ck buddy?

Only choose a friend that isn’t a major part of your life. A girl that’s part of your social circle, but you rarely hang out together. You’re both sexually attracted to each other, but you’re more like acquaintances rather than good friends.

Make a connection with her and build some level of rapport. Ask if she’s seeing anyone or looking for a relationship. If she’s looking out for Mr. Right, then it’s probably not a good idea to use this girl for sex, as she’ll probably get emotionally attached. If she’s single and says, “I’m happy being single right now,” then she’s perfect for a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship. Tell her what you want and give her a choice. Let her know that you like her sexually but you don’t want anything serious. Leave it at that and see what she says.

Friends with Benefits Rules

Don’t act desperate. If you text or call her to hook up for sex and she doesn’t want to come over, leave it at that and don’t beg. Being needy and desperate will turn her off.

Don’t get clingy. She isn’t your girlfriend so don’t constantly call or text her when you have nothing better to do.

Keep it a secret. There’s no need to tell your friends that you’re both having sex with each other.  Gossip tends to spread very quickly and if she’s part of your social group, you’ll end up pissing her off if it gets back to her.

Don’t have sex with two friends from the same circle. There’s a risk that you may get caught and create conflict within the group.

Set some ground rules. It’s a good idea to set some ground rules with her so that you both know where your boundaries are.

Keep it as casual sex only. If you use her for sex too much then it’ll get boring and the fun will fade away. Once every week or every two weeks is good.

Keep it simple. You may be having sex with each other, but there’s no excuse for hooking up anywhere other than the bedroom. This means no dates or anything that could cause you to have feelings.

Date other women. You’re not in a relationship so hook up with other girls. If she asks whether you’re seeing other women, be honest. She’s not your girlfriend so you have nothing to hide.

Don’t get jealous. Remember that the same rules apply for her. So if you see her out with another guy, never get protective or jealous. She’s not your girlfriend so she can do what she likes.

Show her respect. Friends don’t treat each other like shit, so you need to treat her with respect. Otherwise she will feel used and dirty.

Wear protection. Always use contraception, especially if you’re sleeping with multiple women.

Avoid sleeping with a good friend. Even if you’re sexually attracted to her, don’t have sex with a good friend because this can ruin a good friendship.

Accept that it will end. Everything ends and changes and your friends with benefits relationship isn’t an exception. When this happens, accept that it’s over and just move on and find someone else. If you’ve been seeing other women it won’t matter anyway.

Don’t fall for her. This is probably the most important rule but usually the hardest to follow. Feelings can cause jealousy and lots of other problems.  So if you start to fall in love with her; tell her and then end it… unless of course she has feelings for you and you can then both decide the course of the relationship.

One More Thing…

If she starts getting feelings for you and you’re not interested in her that way, you need to tell her that you’re not looking for anything serious at the moment and if she can’t continue having fun, then she needs to stop seeing you sexually. It may seem a bit harsh, but her feelings will only grow, so in the long run it’s for the best.

So there you have it, straightforward friends with benefits advice that will easily get a girl (or even a load of girls) as your f*ck buddy. If you’ve enjoyed this article I recommend you read about how to get laid more often and have sex with endless amounts of women.

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