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Foreplay Tips for Men: How to Satisfy Women in the Bedroom

by nick

We all like to think that we know how to fully satisfy women in the bedroom and give them wild screaming orgasms. However, did you know that women are less likely to orgasm during sex if foreplay isn’t performed beforehand?

Most of us guys tend to skip the foreplay part and go straight into penetration. We just can’t be bothered with foreplay; it’s too time consuming and boring.

But what if I told you that you could get a woman turned on so much during foreplay that she’d more than likely orgasm at least 5 times during sex… sound good?

I thought so… I’m going to teach you how to do it right now. Here are some essential tips to engage during foreplay and should be used on every woman you meet from now on.

Dirty Talk

Women love dirty talk because they like to fantasize. If you know how to have sex with her brain, you can be sure that she’ll be begging you to have hot sex with her in an instant. So, if you’re confident enough to talk dirty to her before you even get into the bedroom, then you should.

Foreplay starts before you even get into the bedroom, so get her turned on by text or on the phone prior to meeting up with her. Once you’ve met up, tell her exactly what you’re going to do to her in a very sexual way. Slowly whisper in her ear, taking her from start to finish, without even touching her. I guarantee that she’ll be wet and ready to rip your clothes off.

Get Sexual in Public

Foreplay doesn’t need to be restricted to the bedroom. You need to sexually escalate things with every woman you meet. It shows that you’re a sexual man and that you’re not messing around. Kiss her passionately and touch her body. Make an effort to turn her on wherever you are.

Take Her Clothes Off Slowly

Don’t rush and remove her clothes slowly. Get her relaxed by massaging her neck and shoulders first. Move down her back kissing her every now and again. Unhook her bra with one hand and lick her nipples whilst pulling her hair until she moans with excitement. Move down from her breasts to her knickers. Bite her knickers and pull them down slightly which will turn her on even more. Then pull them down slowly with both hands.

Sensually Touch Her Body

Now that she’s fully naked you need to sensually touch her body by rubbing her all over whilst kissing her at the same time. This will make her wet down below, making her ready for you to penetrate her and build up the anticipation. Start by kissing her neck and nibbling her ears whilst breathing heavily on her. Then use your hands and rub them all over her body. If it’s not your first time with her, use massage oil to make the foreplay last a little bit longer.

Use Your Fingers

Introduce some penetration by fingering her which will send her over the edge. Start by rubbing her outer lips and when she spreads her legs a bit more, touch her a little deeper. Place your index finger inside and move it in and out whilst using your thumb to stimulate her clitoris.  Face your palm upwards and aim to hit her G-spot by curling and uncurling your finger. Start off slowly and judge the pace you do this by her reactions.

Give Her Oral Sex

The last step is to give her oral sex. By now she should be very turned on. A lot of men hate going down on women, but if you want her to give you a blowjob, you’ll need to return the favour. Start by slowly kissing and teasing her inner thighs. Then gently kiss and lick her inner lips and lightly spread them, licking from top to bottom, ending up on the clitoris. Start licking and sucking her clitoris to build up tension and then back off it a bit before going back for more. Read her sexual body language to see what she likes. If she’s moaning and groaning with pleasure and pulling you towards her, keep going. If she’s not enjoying it and pushing you away, move onto something else or go at a slower pace.

So there you have it… a quick but essential guide to foreplay. Ensure that you use the above foreplay tips in the bedroom. If you do I guarantee that you’ll give women such intense orgasms that they won’t be able to resist you!

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