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10 Things That Will Make Your Sex Life Better

by nick

A great sex life takes time and effort to maintain.  There are only so many times you can plough away in the missionary position before you start getting a bit bored.

This is why I decided to create a list of things that I’ve started using to improve my sex life.

Although you can find most of these things in a normal sex shop, they will make sex 100x better for both you and your lady.

So in no particular order, here’s a list of things that every man should have in his bedroom to make sex better. I’ve included links to the products I already own so that you can purchase them online if you like.

1) Blindfold

Make your sex life a little more exciting and interesting with the use of blindfolds.

The reason blindfolds are so good, is because you can take turns in being in total control. The person wearing the blindfold needs to be submissive whilst the other person does what they like to you. The fact that one of you will be unable to see will heighten senses and make sex much more intense.

Keep a blindfold in your bedside draw and surprise your lady friend next time you’re in the bedroom.

Recommended: Cathy’s Blindfold

2) Lube

This is probably my most used item in the bedroom.  If you don’t use lube in the bedroom then you’re missing out big time! It makes everything more slippery, tingly and a lot more enjoyable.

There are different types of lubricants available. I tend to use water based lube as it’s easier to wash off and can be used with condoms or without. Silicone based lubes are equally as pleasurable but they’re not as easy to clean up and kind of feels like having motor oil slathered over your bits. Oil based lubes are fine if you’re going bareback but should be avoided if you’re going to wear a condom as they corrode latex.

If anal sex is your thing, the lube will definitely make the job easier, especially if she’s tight.

Recommended: K Y Jelly

3) Hand Ties

Now we are getting kinky!

Handcuffs or silk ties are great for tying her hands up, allowing you complete control! Women love being tied up and won’t usually suggest it but will probably do it if you ask.

Women love kinky things more than men do, but they normally don’t want to be the ones to introduce it because it may make them look like sluts. So you should always introduce the sex toys in the bedroom.

Hand ties are great for any positions and it turns women on when they’re teased.

Recommended: Tantric Satin Ties Collection

4) Liberator Wedge

The sex wedge is a positioning system and an awesome way to hit the G-spot

The sex wedge allows you to go deeper into her and guaranteed to give her more intense orgasms that normal positions just wouldn’t allow.

Recommended: Liberator Wedge

5) Sex Positions Book

Buy a sex positions book and leave it one you bedside table. You can guarantee that she’ll look at it and want to try new positions.

Aim to try a new sex position every time you have sex. Not only will this help you discover the sex positions that work best for you, but make you are more adventurous lover… probably the type of man she’s never had.

There are hundreds of sex positions to try and some really good ones that’ll make her orgasm quickly.

Recommended: The Modern Kama Sutra: An Intimate Guide to the Secrets of Erotic Pleasure

6) Condoms

Do you always use plain condoms? Boring!

Get some different ones and try them out. There are flavored ones… lubricated ones… ribbed ones… special ones that make you last longer in bed.

Experiment and find what you like best.

Recommended: Pleasure Condom Sampler 75+

7) Massage Oil

She loves massages and sex so why not combine the two together. Giving her a sensual massage can be both relaxing and erotic.  If you’re good at it you’ll turn her on in no time. She’ll be begging you for sex.

There are various types of massaging oils available. Lavender oil is perfect for massaging and intense foreplay sessions.

Recommended: Sensual Massage Oil

8) Mini G-Spot Vibrator

A mini G-spot vibrator is another way to stimulate her in foreplay. I’ve found that most girls like it, but you should ask first.

Recommended: Mini G Vibrator

9) Finger Vibrator

Stimulate her clitoris while you’re going down on her.  If you alternate between tounge and the vibrator, she’ll orgasm really quickly.

Recommended: Fingo’s Tingly Finger Vibrator

10) Tantra Sex Chair

If you’ve got enough space in your bedroom, the contemporary style sex lounger is a must have if you want amazing sex.

Its long, narrow body and low height allows great freedom of movement as you move in and out of your favourite Kama Sutra positions.

Available in an assortment of faux paux leather and various colors, the Tantra Sex Chair will complement any room and can also be used as a comfortable lounger.

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