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Body Language Mistakes To Avoid On Your First Date

by nick

The first date is all about seeing whether there is a connection between you and the woman you have asked out on a date. Although a connection can’t be faked, it can definitely be enhanced by getting on her wavelength. You need to pay special attention to the topics you talk about, your appearance, your preparation and where to go on the date. You also need to make sure your body language doesn’t let you down. Here are some important first date body language mistakes you need to avoid.

Fiddling With Objects

Playing about with objects, such as napkins, beer mats etc, and not being able to sit still could be perceived that you’re nervous, displaying a lack of interest, or have a lack of confidence. Keep still, don’t fiddle and show a genuine interest.

Nodding Too Much

If you nod at everything your date says, she may think that you’re not listening to her or that you’re prompting her to finish what she is saying so you can start talking. Only nod occasionally if you agree with something she says.

Moving Too Quickly

If you’re moving or talking too fast then it will show that you’re nervous or even insecure. Make sure you relax and chill out on the date. This will show that you are calm and confident.

Pointing Your Feet Away From Her

Make sure that you are facing the women you are dating including your feet. This shows her you are interested.

Crossing Your Arms

Crossing your arms could be perceived that you are closing yourself off from her. Keep your arms extended and open as much as possible which shows that you’re willing to engage with her.

Patting Her On The Back

At the end of the date, hugging her is a great way to show her that you want to touch her. However if you’re nervous you may end up patting her on the back without even realising. By doing this she may think you are uncomfortable touching her or that you don’t want to make contact.

Keeping Constant Eye Contact

Although keeping good eye contact on a first date is good body language, constantly staring at her throughout the date can be a bit creepy and will make her feel uncomfortable. Let your eyes meet and gaze into her eyes occasionally but no longer than a few seconds.

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