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How To Successfully Meet Women Online

by nick

Many men complain that it’s hard to get women to write back or meet up when online dating. So today I am going to explain a few simple things you can do to make meeting women online easier.

Message women when they’re online. Most big dating sites like Match.com and eHarmony.com have a feature that tells you the last time that the woman you’re looking at was last logged into her account. One of the easiest ways to speed things up online is to message women when they’re actually online and logged in.

When a woman is logged into a dating site, she is obviously thinking about meeting a man. If she is in this mindset she is more likely to respond to your message. And once she has responded to your initial message, you need to move things onto the phone.

There will be women that you want to message who aren’t online, which is ok. But try to stick to ones that have logged in within the past week or so and the more recent, the better. Messaging women that haven’t been logged into their account for months is a waste of your time.

Use a dating site. If you want to make things easier for yourself, stop trying to get dates on social networking sites and set up a profile on a purpose built dating site.

Women on dating sites have declared their single and looking for men. They have actually PAID for the opportunity to meet men so the chances of landing a date are greater compared to sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

Not all women on dating sites are desperate. In fact, a couple meeting online is very common these days and there are some very hot women to choose from.

Don’t play hard to get. Men will often wait to return a woman’s message or delay calling her because he wants to play hard to get and appear busy. This sort of behaviour will only make it harder to meet women online. So when you next get a message or number, quit screwing around and contact her.

Don’t worry about coming across as too keen. She’ll appreciate you getting back.

Avoid college girls. Young party girls can be fun to hang around with, and there are plenty that you can meet on dating sites. However, women over the age of 25 who have slowed down on their partying are generally easier to make plans with online.

Now I’m not saying that you shouldn’t try and date younger women on dating sites, however, hot college girls tend to be a lot flakier as they’re up partying all night and have a lot more admirers hanging around to distract them.

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