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The Importance of High Standards

by nick

It’s important to have high standards in life. Always aim high and achieve your goals. However, we tend to forget this when it comes to women. When there is a lack of hot women available to us, we tend to think about taking a step backwards.

Letting standards slip happens to every man at one time or another. However, making excuses can lead to a downward spiral – we begin to think that any female company is better than no company at all. Before you know it, you’re sleeping with anything that has a pulse. And that’s not a good thing to be doing.

Why you should set High Standards

Reputation – You need to build and maintain a good reputation. If you start slipping and begin to entertain a standard that isn’t up to your standards, then people will start to talk. Women will notice who you date and judge you, which is a reason why it’s important that your standards stay intact.

Sacrificing your reputation for a quickie is something desperate, lonely men do.  Do you want to be considered sad and lonely? Well then, you need to appreciate the importance of maintaining your standards.

Self-esteem – You’ve just had sex. You settled for a woman below your standards. You didn’t have your pick of the ladies that night, so it feels more of a disappointment than a success.

Scoring the hottest, most popular woman in the bar increases your self-esteem and gives you an ego boost that can last for weeks. When you continuously go for women below your standards, something is off. You’ll begin to think that you don’t need the higher quality women. You’ll think, “if I don’t get that hot woman over at the bar, I can always sleep with the drunk, fat one that’s dancing like a slut.” You’ll eventually begin to lose your ability to pull the best of the best and, one day, you’ll realise that your level of standards have drastically slipped.

Better sexual memories – You’ve worked hard to approach the hottest woman in the bar, and even your closest friends doubted it could be done. But you’ve managed to score and this achievement will stick with you. It will remind you of your skills and talents for years to come.

Even if the sex isn’t that great, the memory will stick with you. If you let your standards slip, then you’ll have a few forgetful, maybe even regretful experiences.

Hot women leads to more hot women – The more hot women you land, the more you will find. Women do notice who you’re dating and they figure; “If he can get her attention, then he must have something going for him.”  Creating a reputation can be very beneficial and will also increase your self-esteem.

The more you practice, the better you’ll perform. You will gain more confidence meaning you’re more likely to pursue the 10 rather than the 7. Be patient as scoring a 10 can take time and practice. Whatever you do, never drop your standards because it’s the easy way out; the end results will be less desirable.

The Importance of High Standards

High standards are important in all aspects of life, especially in the dating world. Remember that practice makes perfect and once you’ve set your standards, always aim higher. It’s hard to feel proud and satisfied with something that takes little effort and that almost any man can achieve.

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