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First Impression Tips When Meeting Women

by nick

When approaching women you need to make a good first impression. Some of the simplest comments or gestures can really impress women. However an act of carelessness or an offensive remark can ruin your chances instantly. This list of mannerisms will ensure that you will be getting her number and not a dirty look.

Keep Eye Contact

It can be hard not to look at an attractive woman up and down, and check out her body. The hotter she is the harder it gets. But to make a positive first impression you need to keep your eyes above neck level and don’t let her catch you staring at her cleavage otherwise she will think you’re a creep.

Give Genuine Compliments

The most important thing when giving a woman a compliment is that you make it sound genuine. Women can sense fake compliments and often find them repulsive. She will think you’re just looking for her to compliment you back. Compliment her more on her character rather than her appearance and only give a compliment if you actually mean it.

Be A Gentleman

You should aim to be a gentleman at all times. Women like to be treated like a lady and there is nothing wrong with being polite. Being a gentleman, whilst in the presence of a lady, shows that you have respect and that you’re well-mannered.

Ignore Your Mobile Phone

When on a date you shouldn’t answer any calls unless it is an emergency. Make a point of letting her see you turn your phone off or put it on silent, showing her that she has your full attention.

Be Funny

Women like men who can make them laugh and put a smile on their face. If you can make her feel good then she will show more interest. Women love to laugh, so this is a great first impression to make.

Socialize With Her Friends

Women are attracted to social, likeable men, the type of guy that their friends and family will like. So engage in conversation with her friends whilst working your magic on her. If you impress them then you will impress her.

Show Her Your Passion For Life

Women are attracted to men that have a passion for life. Make sure you stay positive and upbeat rather than display negativity.

Ask Her Open-Ended Questions

Every woman likes talking about herself and open-ended questions are the best way to keep the conversation flowing. Ask her questions about her family and what she likes doing. This will allow her to open up and reveal more about herself whilst you are showing that you’re interested in more than just her looks.

Leave Her Wanting More

If you give away all the surprises and interesting facts about yourself too early then she will have nothing more to find out about you. Leave her wanting more by leaving just when the conversations getting good. Tell her that you have to be somewhere or meet your friends. By being a challenge you will keep her on her toes and wanting to find out more.

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