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Flirting Signs Women Don’t Want You To Know

by nick

When a woman flirts with you, she is trying to get you to notice her and give you the opportunity to make the first move. The mistake most men make is that they don’t pick up on women’s flirting signals and throw away a lot of chances of landing a potential date. So that you don’t pass on such an opportunity, I have listed 10 obvious signs that she is flirting with you.

Please take into account that lots of women are open and friendly by nature, so if she is just showing one of these signs then it might not be enough to ascertain her interest. However if she is displaying lots of these flirting signs, then you’re right on cue to move in and land a date.

She Makes Direct Eye Contact

If she is continuously looking at you and keeps eye contact longer than normal then she could be flirting with you. If she maintains prolonged eye contact, looking you up and down, whilst she talks and drinks then she is definitely flirting with you and communicating that she likes what she sees.

She Is Trying To Catch Your Attention

If she is going out of her way to walk past you, say towards the bar, whilst giving you a smile then she maybe trying to get you to notice her. By repeatedly doing this she is trying to gain your attention.

She Smiles At You

Smiling is one of the obvious signs she is flirting with you. If she is smiling at you from across the room, it means she wants you to go over and talk to her. Return a smile then approach her with confidence.

She Separates Herself From Her Friends

Women know that men find it difficult approaching them when they are amongst a group of friends. If she distances herself from them and stands alone smiling and gazing at you, then this is an invitation to initiate conversation.

She Plays With Her Hair

If she is attracted to you she will play with her hair whilst looking at you. If she twirls her hair with her fingers, brushes her hair away from her face, or lifts her hair up from the back of her neck then she is signalling for you to come over and talk to her.

She Starts A Conversation With You

Its not always down to the man to first initiate a conversation. If she comes over and talks to you, she wants to find out more. If she’s flirting, she will seem really into the conversation, turn her body towards you, and listen to you carefully. She will ask open-ended questions in an attempt to find out if you’re single and what your interests are.

She Enters Your Personal Space

She may enter your personal space by purposely bumping into you with a smile. She will try to stand close to you, and the closer she gets, the more attracted she is.

She Compliments You

A woman that is flirting will tell you what she really thinks about you. She may say your cute or compliment your clothes or hair. If she gives you a compliment and she seems really attracted to you then you need to ask her out there and then if you like her.

She Draws Attention To Her Lips

Another obvious sign that she is flirting with you is when she applies lip gloss or runs her finger across her lips.

She Touches You

When a woman is flirting with you, she will make excuses to touch you. She may touch your hand, wrist, forearm, shoulder or even your leg when making a point. If she is making lingering touches without moving her hand straight away then you are onto a winner.

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