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How to Attract Women: Your Ultimate Guide

by nick

We’re going to reveal everything that you need to know about attracting women. Once you master the basics, then chasing girls won’t be necessary as they will come to you. So, without further ado, we provide you our guide on how to attract women.

Understanding Attraction

Unfortunately, most of us are never taught how to attract women. Since they don’t teach us how to seduce women in school, many men go through their lives without the skill to attract a woman or have a relationship with a woman he longs for.

There are men who naturally know how to attract women, and there are others that never seem to get it right. Men that never have success with the ladies wrongly believe that women are only attracted to men that have money, power and good looks. This is simply a lazy way of thinking, as many men that naturally know how to attract women have none of these, yet still manage to attract women.

So, in order to attract women, we must first understand what women find attractive in men.

To answer this we must define what traits women find attractive, and what traits turn women off.

What Traits Turn Women Off?

  • Men that display a lack of social skills – Understanding how to act appropriately in social situations is very important. If a man lacks this understanding, a woman will not be able to picture herself out with him in public and she’ll feel embarrassed and uncomfortable to be around him. Any initial attraction that she may have felt for him will have been lost.
  • Men that don’t take care of their appearance – Although looks are not as important as most men think, if you want to attract women then you need to take pride in your appearance. Women don’t like men that appear lazy, dirty and weak.
  • Men that are weak – Women are naturally attracted to strong, dominant men (traits of the alpha male). Therefore displaying traits such as neediness, insecurity, shyness, jealousy, or nervousness (traits of the beta male) will quickly turn her off. Women know when a man feels that he’s not good enough for her.
  • Men that display weak body language – As stated above, women are not attracted to men that display beta male traits. So if a man displays body language that’s weak and submissive, it will decrease any attraction that she may have initially felt for him.
  • Men that show too much interest – This is one of the biggest mistakes men make when trying to attract women. By being too needy and showing too much interest quickly eradicates the challenge and the woman quickly becomes bored and loses interest.

What Traits Turn Women On?

  • Men that display leadership skills – Not only are women attracted to men that know how to act in social situations; they also prefer a man that’s a leader amongst his peers. The more men that look up to you, the more likely she’ll become attracted to you.
  • Men that are fun – Most guys are insecure or nervous around attractive women. Women are attracted to men that are confident. They want a guy that they can feel relaxed and have fun around him. The best way to have fun with women is to flirt, tease and be playful with them. Women are extremely attracted to guys that can make them laugh, in a fun, flirty way.
  • Men that are a challenge – Women like a man that’s a challenge. This is why it’s important to never let a woman know that you’re 100% interested in her straight away. Instead you should initially show some interest and then pull away. Keep repeating the process. It’s a game but women like the chase. Attractive women are used to men surrendering to them immediately, so keep them guessing and you’ll increase the attraction.

How to Trigger Attraction

It’s important to remember that attraction is a constant vibe that naturally exists between men and women. It’s what nature intended. So how do you trigger attraction?

Be a leader – Any time your amongst other men, you should take on the role of leader. Being a follower is boring and says a lot about your personality. It shows that you lack confidence and that you don’t want attention. Be the decision maker of the group and the man that others turn to for guidance.

Improve your appearance – Although your looks aren’t as important as most men think, it’s always a good idea to take care of your appearance. This means you should be well-groomed, dress sharp and be fit and healthy looking. Read The Handsome Factor by Mark Belmont. It teaches all the vital steps on how to transform your appearance and attract women.

Display attractive body language – You need to present alpha male body language and posture. Walk with your head held high and shoulders back, take up space and show others that you know where you’re going in life.

Pay attention – Read the verbal cues that she’s giving you. Listen to what she likes. Women are attracted to men that understand them, so if you want to attract women, pay attention to her special features and point them out.

Be in touch with your emotions – Life is full of ups and downs. Acknowledge them and don’t hide your vulnerable and weak spots. Showing your emotions is a display of strength and character. Be a man; know what you want, do what you say, say what you think, be true to your word and stand your ground.

Be proud and stand up for yourself – Create your own reality. When others try to put you down, don’t let it throw you off track.

Be a challenge – Women like to chase men. So only display a little attraction at first, and then pull away. Always leave a woman wondering how much you’re attracted to her.

Display an attractive personality – Your personality is more important to women than your looks. Women like a man that’s confident and fun. Develop a positive attitude and make women laugh using cocky / funny humor.

Tease and flirt – One way to turn a woman on fast is to flirt with her.

Be direct – Women are attracted to men that know what they want. So if you’re sexually attracted to a woman, early on in the conversation, you must make this clear. Be assertive. If you want to kiss a woman that you’ve been talking to, do it. Don’t ask or wait for her permission. Women like a man that can take charge sexually.

How to Attract Women – Conclusion

The above tips should give you a fairly good idea on how to attract women. All men are capable of doing the things above. Reflect on these ideas and ingrain the habits they signify and you’ll find it easier to attract women into your life. For further ready try How to Become an Alpha Male by John Alexander. It teaches all the fundamental and advanced ways on how to attract women and keep them attracted to you permanently.

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