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How to Make a Woman Smile

by nick

If you know how to make a woman smile, I guarantee that you’ll be more successful at attracting women. Everyone likes to smile. It makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside and you’ll associate these feelings with the person who has made you smile. It’s these emotions that you want to induce with the women you want. You want to be charming; the type of guy that’ll make women smile every time you meet them, even before you’ve said a word.  Getting women to smile upon approaching is important. First impressions can either make or break you. So, making her smile is a big deal, but the good news is that it’s not hard – once you get the hang of it.

Types of Smiles

Here are the types of smiles that you’re trying to get:

  • Genuine smile
  • Happy smile
  • Impressed smile
  • Compliment smile

Here are the types of smiles that you’re trying to avoid:

  • Fake/polite smile
  • Forced smile
  • You’re a weirdo smile
  • I’m in control smile

Use your body language – Sometimes giving a genuine smile will result in receiving one as well. It’s our natural instinct to smile back at people who smile at us. The best place to try this is in a busy environment where you can’t immediately talk to the woman that you’re interested in. The smile says, ‘Hey, I’m interested and I would like to talk to you, but I’m too busy at the moment and I can’t, so I might talk to you later if you return the smile.’ Picture this – you’re busy serving a customer and you spot an attractive woman waiting in line that you wished to talk to but at the moment, you couldn’t. A friendly genuine smile would be socially acceptable and would make her curious –assuming that she finds you the slightest bit attractive.

If you don’t end up talking to her, then she’ll leave thinking, ‘I should go back to that place where that man smiled at me…maybe he’ll still be there and won’t be busy this time.’

On the other hand, if you do end up talking to her, it’s likely she’ll be more receptive and interested in getting to know you.

The worst place to give this type of smile as an opener is at a bar, club or any social situation. This says straight away: “Hey, I don’t have the confidence to talk to you.” In these situations talk first, then smile.

Use situations – One of the easiest ways to get a smile out of a woman is to make use of the setting that you’re both in and point out something funny that is happening. There’s always something funny or interesting if you look for it. Talking about other people or items is always a good way to get a laugh. Be funny whilst maintaining your dignity.

Avoid rehearsed material – The worst way to make a woman smile is by using someone else’s joke or canned material. It won’t come across as spontaneous  and natural. The most you’ll get is a polite/fake smile. Also, never tell a long joke (ones with a beginning, middle, and end). These will not create attraction and it says that you’re trying to impress her which ultimately leads to less attraction.

Use exaggerated comedy – All women love to laugh. Comedy works for professional comedians, so why can’t it for you? It’s your approach that’s important. If you act like a clown, you’ll likely get fake smiles in return. However, if you’re cocky and funny, you’ll not only get women smiling back, but you’ll also create feelings of attraction at the same time. The cocky and funny technique is covered in How to Become an Alpha Male by John Alexander. With it, you’ll not only have women smiling at you, but you’ll also be creating powerful attraction at the same time.

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