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10 Reasons Why Nice Guys Always Finish Last

by nick

Women like complaining about men who treat them badly, yet they seem to like going back to the same guy time and time again who doesn’t shower them with gifts and worship the ground they walk on. So why do nice guys finish last?

They Are Like Doormats

A nice guy will never stick up for himself because he fears he will lose his friends or girlfriend. He avoids conflict whenever it arises. Letting people walk all over you is never a good thing. If you have no backbone then you will never gain any respect. If you let people treat you poorlY, you will let her treat you the same way. Women find this unattractive. Set up some boundaries and when someone crosses the line, stick up for yourself!

They Seem Insecure

A nice guy will come across as being desperate to please and to be accepted. They will always seek for the other person’s approval. Some women will take advantage of this, scoring freebies such as drinks and gifts. If you act insecure and needy, people will treat you this way.

They Seem Crap In Bed

Women enjoy men who can take control and give her pleasure. By acting as a soft wimp all the time hardly shows women that you are capable of doing this.

They’re Not A Challenge

Women like men that are a challenge. It keeps them on their toes and makes a relationship more interesting.

They’re Predictable

Being a predictable guy is boring. Women will soon be able to predict your every move. Women like a bit of excitement and spontaneity. They want to have fun!

They Try Too Hard

A nice guy will try too hard to seek affection. He will come on too strong, too fast and put her needs before his own.

They Don’t Seem Like Good Protectors

A nice guy will come across as someone who cannot defend himself. Women want men who can protect and look after them. If you can’t even defend yourself then how can you protect her.

They Seem Fake

Nice guys are too nice to everyone they meet. By being nice all the time you come across as being fake and not genuine. It isn’t possible to like everyone or be happy all the time so let your true feelings show.

They Expect People To Be Nice Back

Because they’re so nice, they put other people’s feelings before theirs. When people fail to reciprocate their niceness, they play the victim. No woman wants a man who is over sensitive.

They Don’t Behave Like Men

Nice guys can’t make decisions and always ask for other people’s opinions. Women like men who can take charge and make things happen.

Don’t Be A Nice Guy

You don’t have to be arrogant to pick up women. You need to be confident and able to stand up for yourself. Don’t let people walk all over you and have some self respect.

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