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5 Signs That She Is Not Attracted To You

by nick

Too many men often think that if she is not showing any interest then she is probably playing hard to get. Although sometimes this may be the case, you don’t want to be wasting your time if isn’t attracted to you. Below are 5 signs to look out for. At the end of the day, it’s her loss!

She Gives You The ‘I’m Not Ready For A Relationship’ Line

When a woman tells you this, it usually means that she’s not ready to be in a relationship with YOU. She has seen what you have to offer and she doesn’t want to buy it. Don’t bother waiting around thinking one day she will be ready. Move on to the next!

She Never Picks Up Your Calls

If you are always going through to her voicemail and she never returns your calls then she is trying to avoid you. If you feel that you are always calling her and feel surprised when she does eventually pick up your call, then you have your answer. Time to delete her number!

You Can Never Set A Date

If she is always making herself unavailable by making excuses such as, ‘I am working late,’ ‘I have an early start tomorrow,’ or just the blunt, ‘I am busy,’ then she isn’t interested in meeting up. If she only calls you to set a date at the last minute and expects you to drop everything there and then, she is probably using you as a back up when she has nothing to do or when her original plans change. Don’t be on the subs bench and show less interest.

She Keeps Saying You Would Be Perfect For One Of Her Friends

If she hints that she thinks you’re better suited to one of her friends then it may be time to take her up on the offer of an introduction. You wont be getting anywhere with this girl.

She Seems Bored When You’re With Her

If she isn’t hiding the fact that she doesn’t find you interesting then it may be time to ask yourself what you actually like about her. It will probably reveal that she isn’t that great and that you could do a lot better anyway.

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