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25 Beta Male Body Language Mistakes

by nick

Your body language displays how you feel and all the physical signs are subconsciously interpreted by others. The type of body language you portray will send out a positive or negative message depending on the type of body language you use. Beta Males tend to use mostly negative body language and are usually oblivious to the fact they are doing it. To become an alpha male you need to learn these 25 body language mistakes that beta males show and avoid them. If you’re in the habit of displaying some of these gestures then tackling them can be quite challenging. However with a little practice you will be able to overcome these beta male body language habits. Not only will avoiding these beta male body language acts help you attract more women, it will also help you in your work and social life!

Standing Too Close

When you stand too close to someone it will make them feel uncomfortable. It has been proven that most people feel that the 4 feet square around their body is their own personal space. Only step into this boundary with close friends and intimate partners.

Crossing Your Arms

This is a defensive body language sign. Always try to keep your arms by your sides.

Blinking Too Much

This shows that you are anxious. When you are nervous you may start blinking really fast. This becomes obvious when people make eye contact with you. Make sure you decrease the rate of blinking when you are nervous.

Tapping With Your Feet And Fingers

Not only is it annoying, but it also suggests you are stressed, impatient or bored.

Playing With Your Collar

This indicates you are feeling uncomfortable or nervous.

Bad Posture

Your posture is a clear indication of how confident and composed you are. It can have a big impact on how you’re treated when you first meet someone and how strangers respond to you. Make sure you stand with your feet at a comfortable distance apart with your head up and shoulders back, and greet people with direct contact and a firm handshake.

Faking A Smile

This is a sign of deception. A fake smile only involves the mouth and lips. A genuine smile will involve the entire face. Never smile when there is nothing to smile about. You don’t need other people’s approval.

Stroking Your Chin

People stroke their chin when they are making a decision. If you are looking at someone whilst doing it, that person may believe you’re judging them.

Checking The Time

This shows a sign of boredom. Don’t check the time when you are speaking to someone.

Holding Objects In Front Of You

This indicates shyness and resistance. It is a sign that you are hiding behind an object to distance yourself from others. Carry objects such as coffees, notebooks etc by your sides.

Looking Down

When in the presence of others always look straight ahead and make eye contact when you first see someone. Looking away or downwards indicates disinterest, or even arrogance.

Touching Your Face When Talking

This shows signs of deception. Covering your mouth when you’re talking to someone is a common gesture when you’re lying. Keep your hands away from your face when you’re speaking.

Scratching Your Neck Or Head

A common sign when you’re in doubt or uncertain. Try to keep your hands away from your head.

Slouching Your Shoulders

Always maintain an upright posture. Slouching shoulders gives the impression that you have a low self-esteem. Always have your shoulders pulled back. It makes you look and feel more confident.

Standing With Your Hands Over Your Privates

This is a guarded stance that you will do when you are feeling unconfident and unsure of yourself. You subconsciously take a guarded stance, usually in the genital area. It makes you look smaller and weaker. Always keep your hands by your sides.

Wiping Sweaty Hands

This is a sign you will display when you are nervous. If your hands are sweaty, let them sweat and relax.

Fidgeting With Small Objects

Just like tapping your feet or fingers, this is not only annoying but also shows a sign of anxiety. It could be with a beer matt, a pen, or a ball. Always keep your hands at rest.

Shifting Your Body Weight

When you shift your body weight from one foot to the other, it shows that you’re in mental and physical discomfort. Don’t shift about.

Sitting On The Edge Of Your Chair

This is an apprehensive stance that displays physical and mental discomfort. It looks like you are ready to get up and leave and that you don’t want to be there. Always keep your bum firmly on the back on the chair.

Resting Your Head Against Your Hands

This shows that you are getting bored. Keep your hands flat out on the table.

Leaning Away From Someone You Like

Leaning away from someone usually means you are bored and disinterested. People usually lean away from people they don’t like and towards people they do.

Resting Your Hands On Your Head

This is usually interpreted as being egotistic or superiority. Only use this gesture with people you know well.

Narrowing Your Eyes

Narrowing your eyes gives your face a scowling expression that may be perceived by others that you’re angry. If you’re not angry, don’t narrow your eyes.

Picking Lint Off Of Your Clothes

If you are in conversation and you are picking bits of lint off of your clothes whilst looking downwards, it indicates that you feel uneasy about their opinion.

Not Facing The Person You’re Talking To

This shows a lack of interest or discomfort. If you are interested in what the person is saying, face the person with your feet and torso directly pointing towards them.

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