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10 Signs That You Are A Beta Male

by nick

To become an alpha male you need to learn and eradicate any beta male behaviours. This is essential in your journey to becoming an alpha Male.

Work on avoiding these negative signs, and you will soon notice a positive change in the way people treat and regard you in both work and social situations. It will also help improve your dating life.

I used to show many of these beta male signs below and after reading John Alexander’s How To Become An Alpha Male, I soon realised the mistakes I was making that were not only effecting my chances with women, but my social life too. If you naturally posses these beta male signs like I did, it can be difficult to get rid of them. However I worked hard at changing my mindset and eventually I naturally began to exhibit the signs of an alpha male. If you feel that you may be guilty of showing any of these beta male signs, then make sure you avoid them. With time you will soon reap the rewards of a better social, dating life and overall improved lifestyle.

You Bully People

Let’s face it, nobody likes a bully. A bully will pick on people he considers weaker than him and knows will never fight back. This is usually due to the bully’s own insecurities. By making people feel worse makes him feel better in some way.

An Alpha Male doesn’t bully people and will only fight if its necessary. He doesn’t fight unless he really needs to and will not be afraid to take on someone who is bigger/stronger than him if the situation is serious enough. And due to his positive attitude he will win.

You Lie

Serious lies can cause a lot more harm than good. Whether you lie to your boss, your mates or your girlfriend, lies are deceitful and you always get found out.

An Alpha Male knows this so doesn’t lie. He is honest and only shoots straight. He always does what’s right and doesn’t have to worm his way out of a mess he got himself into. As the saying goes, ‘Whatever will be, will be!’

You Don’t Think Before You Act

Not thinking before you act can get you into a few tricky situations. Although an Alpha Male is quick to react, he always thinks first before doing so. He has his shit together and doesn’t run off into all corners like a beta male does.

You Gossip

Whether it’s gossiping about your mates, your girlfriend or your work colleagues, a beta male doesn’t mind pointing out and laughing at other people’s failings and flaws. An Alpha Male never gossips about and betrays people that are close to him. He doesn’t have to make himself feel better by tearing others down.

You Never Apologies

A beta male will never admit he was wrong and always believes he is in the right. If an Alpha Male does something wrong he will admit it and apologies. If what he has done as caused a problem he will find a solution.

You Get Jealous

Whether it’s someone successful or a friend who is dating a hot girl, jealousy shows your own weaknesses and insecurities. An Alpha Male is comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t get jealous.

You Stab Others In The Back To Get Ahead In Life

Being a back stabber is an act of betrayal. An Alpha Male never betrays anyone and will be a success in life on his own merits.

You Blame Others For Your Own Actions

A beta male will blame others for something he has done. An Alpha Male will take responsibility for his own actions and will find a solution to fix the problem.

You Panic When Something Goes Wrong

When a problem arises a beta male will go into panic mode and not analyse the situation properly. He may even run away and pretend it never happened. An Alpha Male will never bury his head in the sand. He is used to change and will view the problem as a challenge. He will think and then act to deal with the situation.

You Seek Approval From Others

A beta male is the lowest in the social pecking order and will look for guidance and follow people. He will agree with others, even if he thinks they are wrong, just to please them. An Alpha Male doesn’t seek approval from anyone. He has his own mind and is the leader!

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