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8 Things That Turnoff Women

by nick

A single man’s aim is to attract single women. You need to display confidence, attractive body language as well as other alpha male traits. However, no matter how hard you try perfecting your alpha male status, you could be repelling women without even realising. When approaching women, make sure you avoid these 8 things that turnoff women.

Awful Pickup Lines

No matter how many times men are advised not to use cheesy pickup lines, for some reason they still do. Using lines such as, ‘where have you been all my life?’ only shows a lack of imagination and creativity. She knows that you’ve used this pickup line on lots of women before and that you will use it again. Bad pickup lines turnoff women. The best way to approach women is to be genuine and show an interest.

Too Much Fragrance

Wearing a nice fragrance and smelling good will help you attract women. However if you put too much fragrance on, the smell will be over powering. Only apply fragrance to warm parts of your body such as your neck, armpits, wrists and behind your ears. Spray each area once and then you’re ready to go! Read my post Top 10 Men’s Fragrances That Attract Women.

Bad Breath

Your night could be going very well, but this could be ruined with bad breath. Oral hygiene is very important, especially when approaching women. If you have furry teeth, chapped lips and a smelly breath you will instantly turnoff women. If your mouth isn’t clean, she will wonder what else is dirty. Always carry a pack of gum or mints around with you and if your lips are chapped, use a chap stick daily.

Swearing Too Much

Swearing in every other sentence isn’t going to make a good first impression. Although women can swear a lot it doesn’t mean you should. Be a gentleman.


When I was younger, I thought one of the best ways to pull a woman was to grind up and down her on the dance floor. How wrong was I! If I didn’t get anywhere I would move on to the next one. It is actually really sad. If you think this is a good way to pull women then stop doing it. All this tells a woman is that you have no real interest in her and that you’re just looking for someone to grind up on.

Negative Comments

When you first meet a woman make sure you stay away from playful insults. Although innocent teasing can be flirtatious it can be very easy to cross the line when making a playful insult. Also avoid commenting on others as well, even if it’s to compliment her. Negative comments can make you come across as snobby, picky and nasty.

Being Really Drunk

On the right occasion it can be ok to get a little out of control, such as a stag party. However if you’re looking to approach women then it might be best to stick to a beer or two. Slurring, stumbling and puking up are not qualities that women look for in a man.

Embarrassing Friends

If you’re surrounded by friends who are all drunk and acting like idiots, then some women will judge you, even if you’re not acting like your friends. If this is the type of company you decide to keep then what does it say about you? Unfortunately you will get tarnished with the same brush!

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