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How To Get Women To Chase You

by nick

Most of the time men focus on how to approach women, where to meet them, how to start conversations, and how to get them into bed. Although this is all relevant when learning how to pick up women, wouldn’t it be great if you could get women to chase you? Below are 10 tips on how to get women to chase you.

Be A Challenge

Any man that women perceive as needy, desperate and always seeking for her approval is never going to get anywhere let alone have women chase him.

However, if you come across as a man who has a lot going on in his life and that you aren’t bothered if you get her, women will be drawn towards you. Be a challenge!

Don’t Hang Around

You need to create anticipation and motivation for women to come chasing you. If you hang around her all the time, there is less eagerness and drive for her to come after you.

It makes you look desperate. If you are less available then it will leave her wanting more. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Make An Alluring First Impression

A lot of men ruin their chances of having any women chasing after them by messing things up at the start. When most men meet women they crumble by acting nervous and insecure. Women find these traits unattractive.

However once a man can approach any woman, displaying total confidence, he will automatically become magnetic.

Be The Selector

To be the selector, you need to make women qualify themselves to you. You can do this by asking her a question such as, ‘What three things would a man like about you? And please don’t say looks.’ If you say this in a sarcastic, joking manner, you will draw women into the conversation.

Don’t Ask The Wrong Questions

There are standard questions that you need to avoid asking her when you first meet. Questions such as,’ Am I your type?’ or ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ are all questions a beta male would ask. Don’t do it!

Pay Attention To Her

I don’t mean giving her compliments or buying her gifts. Instead tell her that you were thinking of her today or that you had a dream about her last night. This lets her know that she is in your thoughts and she will become addicted and want to hear more.

Be Funny

You don’t need to act like a clown or show off. You just need to make her laugh. Humour is the fastest path to success with women. It has been scientifically proven. Making women laugh is a great way to keep her thinking about you. This is because you create positive feelings in her that she can’t ignore.

Make Her Think About You

You need to make it so she thinks about you instead of the other way round. One of the easiest ways to do this is to ignore any first invitations or advances you receive from her. Say something like; ‘I have something on this Saturday.’ Make yourself look busy and in demand and she wont be able to stop thinking about you.

Don’t Be An Open Book

One of the best ways to create attraction is to provide a sense of suspense and mystery. When you first meet a woman, use the power word, ‘maybe’. Say something like, ‘I need to get back to my friends now, but maybe I will talk to you later.’

Don’t Chase Women

If you’re the type of man that is constantly hitting on every woman you see, using bad pickup lines and acting nervous, then you will never have women chasing after you. Stop chasing women like every other desperate man is doing and start creating the mystery that attracts them.

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