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How To Get Any Woman To Notice You

by nick

A lot of men fail when it comes to approaching women because they dont know how to stand out from the crowd. If you want women to pick you out from the pack and notice you then follow these tips below.

Continuously Improve Yourself

When you approach women, are you presenting yourself the best way you can? The answer is probably no. Most men never take any time to improve themselves meaning they never stand out.

If you want attractive women to notice you then you need to constantly keep improving yourself. I started this blog because I am interested in self development. I enjoy reading self help guides on all topics that will benefit me and sharing the information I have learnt with you. I recommend you start your journey into self development by taking my free ecourse or by reading the following guides:

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  • Anabolic Cooking : The Best Cookbook and Complete Nutrition Guide For Bodybuilding and Fitness -Eat a healthy, tasty diet and build muscle

I have read all of these eBooks and they have completely transformed my life. If you want to stand out from the crowd then I highly recommend you start reading these eBooks.

Be Confident

You need to learn how to be confident when talking to women. You need to be in control, move and speak slowly. Avoid nervous twitches, stutters and laughs. If you project confidence you will start to notice more women noticing you.

How To Become An Alpha Male is a great eBook that covers in detail, how to gain confidence, approach and talk to women. It also explains how to get over your insecurities which holds many men back in their lives. Make sure you give this eBook a read.

Have A Plan

Not knowing how to start a conversation with a woman is something that usually ruins most men’s chances. You need to have a few conversation topics in your mind to start the conversation. The simplest conversation starters work best such as ‘Hi, what are you drinking?’ or ‘Hi, where are from around here?’

Yes, they are very simple but are natural and disarming. Unlike using crappy pick up lines, you will be able to work out quickly whether the woman you’re talking to is be receptive to you or not.

Use Direct Conversation

Many men will use long winded, boring conversation techniques to find out more about a woman. If you want to know more about her, ask her. If you want to spend more time with her, say that you are doing something later and that she is free to join you. Set yourself apart from the rest and be direct instead of tip toeing around.

Get Her Number Then Go

Early into the conversation, ask for her email. When she says yes and writes it down ask for her number too. Tell her whilst she is writing it down that you have a few things to do but you would like to chat later. Take her details and leave. This will leave her wanting to find out more. You will also begin to realise how quick and easy it is, which will encourage you to do it more often and build up your confidence.

Avoid Awkward Silences

When most men first start talking to an attractive woman they usually let their own insecurities get the better of them. Men will seek ways to impress women, thinking that if they don’t, women won’t give them a chance. This is true, but one way you can impress her is by avoiding any awkward silences.

If you start to feel an awkward silence happening, casually keeps the conversation flowing. Talk about something funny or current events etc. Anything is better than an awkward silence.

Don’t Suck Up To Her

Some women will make negative comments about themselves and fish for compliments. She may say something like,’ My hair looks a mess today.’ Instead of saying something predictable like, ‘I think it looks lovely,’ just say, ‘maybe it will look better tomorrow.’ If you be cocky it will increase the attraction. She is expecting you to compliment her like any other man would. If you don’t then you will stand out from the rest.

Master Your Body Language

When approaching a woman, your body language is more important than what you say. A lot of men will use submissive beta male body language and talk in a tone of voice that is desperately seeking for her approval.

Instead of doing this be confident, calm and collected. Lean back and give her space and don’t worry whether she like’s you or not, because if you think about it, does it really matter?

Be In Control

When you first approach a woman, she will see if she can control and intimidate you. If she finds out she can then she will ignore you.

However, if you show confidence and display the right body language, you will instantly take control. You are the one in charge. She is free to join you if she wants to. She will instantly realise that you are different compared to most men, she will gain respect for you and want to know more.

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