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How To Avoid Getting Rejected By Women

by nick

Let’s face it single women are looking for their ideal man. When approached by men, they usually give them the benefit of the doubt. However if you display any of the following traits and characteristics when approaching women, it is more than likely you will get rejected. If you don’t want to get rejected, avoid doing anything on this list below.

Be Boring

If women don’t find you interesting then they aren’t going to want to stick around for long and find out more about you. No matter how hard you may try, nothing will compensate for being boring. Women want a man that can challenge her, make her laugh and create sexual tension. If you’re predictable and boring women will walk away.Read my post How To Become Interesting To Women.

Be A Creep

It may sound obvious but acting creepy isn’t going to get you anywhere with women. If you approach her with a slumped posture, looking sweaty and acting nervous, you are just going to put her off.

Use Beta Male Body Language

Men who use weak, approval seeking body gestures and mannerisms are begging to get rejected. It shows insecurity and a lack of confidence. Many men get rejected because they display these traits when approaching women. Read my posts 30 Beta Male Traits You Must Avoid.

Say Stupid Things

Some men think its ok to approach a women and say something like, ‘You’re looking sexy tonight,’  or some will get tongue tied and say nothing at all. What ever the scenario, this will kill attraction instantly.

Be A Follower

If you can’t make any decisions and lead then women will automatically reject you. If you need people to tell you where to go, what to do and what to say then this will put her off. If you try to get her to lead then this is even worse!

Don’t Know When To Quit

If you approach a woman and she doesn’t come across as immediately receptive then take the hint. Never beg a woman to speak to you or have a drink, as this just shows desperation.

Be Needy And Insecure

When a needy, insecure man clings on to a woman, it’s only natural for her to reject him. If you act like you’re afraid she’s going to dump you, wont let her out of your sight, or keep prompting her to tell you how great and funny you are, she will do a runner. Women hate it!

Forget How To Be A Man

Men naturally need to show dominance, competitiveness and strength. If you don’t act like a real man when your around women then they aren’t going to be attracted to you.

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