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How to Kiss a Girl on the First Date

by nick

A lot of guys get hung up about the kiss on a first date. Just like the first conversation, or when you ask for her phone number, there’s a chance that you’ll get rejected.

It’s time to stop worrying about the kiss as its actually the least important part of the date. The kiss means nothing unless you get everything else right beforehand. If you build momentum and create tension with physical contact throughout the date, the kiss is the easy part.

Most men will converse for a few hours and then lean in to kiss a girl. But if you haven’t even touched her once, then suddenly going in for a kiss will be awkward. Sure, there will be some women that you’ll kiss pretty much straight away after first meeting them in the middle of a crowded bars or clubs. However, these usually aren’t the type of women that you’ll have a long term relationship with. They are often girls that you’ll enjoy a one-night stand with or even become one of your f*ck buddies. For the purposes of this article, we’re mostly going to talk about a woman that you want to date and build a relationship with.

So, I’m going to explain how to kiss a girl in a way that guarantees that you’ll never get rejected. Not only that, I’ll also tell you how to know when a girl wants you to kiss her so that it feels natural and how to be good at it so she’ll want even more physical interaction.

Let’s begin!

Time and Place

Unlike after the first kiss when making out may take place just about anywhere, the first kiss should be done in private. At the end or during your first date, the kiss can take place in your car, on her door step, in the darkened corner of a bar, at your place (or hers) or anywhere else where there’s enough privacy. Although men tend not to care where the first kiss takes place, a lot of women are often particular about the location.

Most Hollywood movies would make you to believe that you should kiss her at the end of the date, just as you’re dropping her off at her place. If you feel there’s a connection and you’re both having a great time, why not surprise her with a spontaneous kiss during the date instead of waiting until the end. Leaving the kiss until the very end puts a lot of pressure on her since she knows it’s coming and builds it up too much.

Build a Connection

You need to break the initial touch barrier and show that you’re comfortable with being close to her. At the beginning of the date, give her a big hug and tell her how stunning she looks. This will set the mood for the rest of the date.

During the date, you want to playfully touch and tease her. Gently nudge her when she says something funny or laughs at one of your jokes. When she talks about something deeper, show your interest by placing your hand on her shoulder. Lead her by touching the small of her back or by holding her hand.

Signs That She Wants to Kiss You

You’ve now indicated that you’re interested by openly touching her. If she touches your hand, arm, shoulder or face while you’re talking, she’s highlighting that she wants to get more physical with you. She may also move her body closer to yours while you’re casually talking, play with her hair, or lick her lips. These are sure signs that you should go for a kiss. Don’t hesitate and go for it!

How to Kiss Her

Firstly, never ask for her permission to kiss her. If she’s showing the signs, then she’s secretly giving you permission to kiss her. When the moment comes and you’re standing close together looking into each other’s eyes, put your arm around her, and pull her in towards you, and kiss her. If you’re sitting, gently reach around her neck and then pull her towards you for a kiss.

Don’t make out with her just yet. Give her a soft romantic kiss that lasts for a few seconds. Then pull away a bit, smile at her and then see if she leans in for more. If she’s parted lips, you can gently slip your tongue into her mouth for some French kissing. If she hasn’t opened her lips yet, use the tip of your tongue and run it lightly across her lips. She’ll usually return the tonguing action if she’s interested.

Whatever you do, don’t try to shove your tongue down her throat as soon as you begin to kiss her. It will ruin the mood. Let her work with it, and when done correctly, you’re kissing can escalate from romantic to being more intimate very quickly.

Other Tips

  • Check your breath before you kiss. Bad breath will turn her off so make sure carry a pack of mints on the first date. Avoid spicy and smelly foods and offer her a mint after eating or drinking as some women will worry about their breath too.
  • Kissing can sometimes lead to sex! If you get her back to your place, feel free to take it as far as you are both willing to go. But if it’s a long term relationship you’re after, it may be best to leave her wanting more.
  • Never force yourself on her. If she doesn’t want to kiss you yet, don’t make a big deal about it and enjoy the rest of your date. Continue to build greater trust and attraction. You can always try again later.

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