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Speed Dating: How to Meet Lots of Women

by nick

Speed dating is one of the easiest and most fun ways to meet lots of desperate women that are looking for a boyfriend, in one evening.

If you’ve never been speed dating before, it is similar to the game, ‘musical chairs.’ In short, the women are seated at tables and the men alternate around the room until each man and woman has had the chance to meet each other. You will sit and talk to a woman for about five to ten minutes until you hear a signal that indicates it’s time to switch and move onto the next woman.

Each person is given a score card. If you like a woman (or a few women) and would like to get their contact information, you will mark their name(s) on the card. If the same women also mark your name down, they also have an interest in seeing you again and it’s a match.

At the end of the event, the organizers will compare the cards. If the women that you meet also mark your name down, you will each get each other’s contact information.  You can then contact the woman to arrange a date. Then again, if she’s attracted to you but you didn’t like her or visa-versa, neither of you will receive the others contact information.

Speed dating events are often held in bars or clubs and they’re usually cheap to take part. You can easily find your nearest speed dating events in your local paper or on the internet.

So, now you know the basics I’m now going to provide the following tips to help you succeed at speed dating.

Dress to impress. It is essential to be well-dressed and properly groomed. It is particularly important when speed dating as women have little time to make up their mind about you. Some men will dress overly casual, others will wear a suit. Wear something like a dress shirt under a sports jacket, matched with dark jeans and black dress shoes. Aim to look your best and make a good first impression. [Read: How to Dress for a First Date]

Talk to women beforehand. Yes, you will meet every girl eventually, but talking to a few women beforehand will make you look confident and it will seem like you’re a normal, sociable guy that doesn’t need to rely on speed dating events to meet women. The girls at speed dating will be checking out the guys as soon as they walk in. If you’re standing in the corner of the room looking nervous and awkward, like most of the other guys there, they’ll notice.

Treat speed dating as practice. Speed dating is an incredible way to improve your skills with women. How you open conversations, engage in conversations and hold yourself are all on display at speed dating. Whatever the outcome, it’s important not to get too hung up if you get rejected. No woman can really get to know you in the short space of time given. Analyze your performance and look at ways in which you can improve. Maybe you’re displaying defensive body language or boring them to death with your long drawn-out stories. Make notes and practice. You’ll improve each and every time and so will your confidence.

Stand out from the crowd. Since the women will be meeting lots of different men, you’ll want to make a memorable first impression. You can stand out amongst the rest by using your sense of humor and by flirting with her a bit. Make sure that you don’t use the same jokes and teases with each girl since you’ll often be sitting within earshot to the last woman you spoke with and the last thing you want her to think is that you were giving her a line.

Your aim is to tease her, shock her, say something funny and throw her off balance so she laughs and remembers you.

Don’t talk about your weak points. You have a few minutes to sell yourself. Don’t talk about how you lost your job, can’t find work and have had to move back in with your parents. Don’t mention ex-girlfriends, bad breakups or the fact that you haven’t had sex in months and you’re desperate to get laid.

Don’t ask the same boring questions. At most speed dating events, there can be up to 30 people from each sex. If you’re near the end of the line, most of the women in front of you have already repeated the story of where she comes from and what she does for a living for the past few hours. Start by asking her something out of the ordinary – travel, future plans, likes and dislikes and what she does for fun are all good topics. If she asks you what you do for a living, don’t give a typical boring answer. For example, if you’re a demolition worker, you could say something like, “I destroy things and make a mess.” Figure out a way to discuss your occupation in an interesting and unusual manner. Remember that it’s not a job interview, so don’t dominate the conversation and don’t be formal – it’s meant to be fun and interesting. Get her to talk about herself and listen to what she’s saying. [Read: The Art of Dating Conversation: Dos and Don’ts]

Don’t eye up other women. If you’re not attracted to the woman you’re talking with and you spot a more attractive lady across the room, don’t eye her up. You’ll get your chance with her later on. Most women go speed dating with friends and that beautiful girl you’ve been eyeing, might turn out to be the friend of the girl you’re ignoring. When they’re comparing notes later on, your chances may be ruined if the gorgeous woman thinks you were rude to her friend.  So focus on the woman that you’re currently with. Also, if you’re lucky enough to get a few matches, start with one date and then plan the others afterwards. If you accidentally try to line up three dates that are friends over one weekend, they will not be impressed and you’ll probably be a goner.

Tell her you like her. If you like a girl there’s no problem in telling her. This will differentiate you from the other guys and she’ll remember you for having the confidence to tell her. Say something like: “I really like talking to you. I like your sense of humor.” Or compliment her looks by saying something like, “You have the prettiest smile.”  Don’t compliment every single girl, but if you genuinely like something about her, don’t be afraid to be complimentary.

When you’ve been chatting to a woman that you like and you realize that your time is almost up, give her a cheeky smile and say something like: “I’m glad that’s over – I can talk to someone else now! That was the longest five minutes of my life!” Then tell her that you’re joking and say, “No, I’ve really enjoyed talking to you… we should chat again sometime.” Then get up and move onto the next girl.

And there you have it! It’s as easy as that! Why not go along to your local speed dating event and practice your skills with women?

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