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How to Make Your Girl Feel Sexy and Confident

by nick

We all know how insecure women can be. You may think your girl is naturally sexy, yet she’ll still spend a lot of time trying to maintain attraction and your interest in the relationship.

But we tend to get too comfortable. We start to take our women for granted and stop reminding them how sexy they are. Next thing you know, the excitement is gone, and you’re sat there wondering where the spark went. The hot, passionate sex is now a distant memory, yet you’re still not doing anything about it.

So what can you do to make her feel sexy? Telling her how beautiful she looks is important, but there’s a lot more to it than that. It’s your job to keep her feeling positive, happy and attractive.

The hotter you make her feel, the more it’ll make her yearn for you. She’ll be more sexually confident about herself because of how much you desire her.

Being flirty and physical is only a small part of it. You need to be spontaneous and surprise her with romantic gestures, and show how much you care about her. So, if you want get the spice back into your relationship, try the following tips:

Touch her whenever you see her. Not being able to keep your hands off her will show that you find her irresistible.
Text her something naughty and tell her how much she turns you on.
When you get home, take her to the bedroom straight away and f*ck her brains out. Show her that you have to take her now.
Don’t rush foreplay. Kiss and caress every inch of her body and build the sexual tension naturally.
Tell her what drives you wild. Whether you go insane over a certain outfit, or the way she shows a little leg, let her know about the little things she does that turns you on.
Compliment her skills in the bedroom. Maybe your girl gives great blowjobs or knows how to grind her hips. Tell her how amazing it feels and she’ll do it more often.
Text something meaningful and romantic to brighten up her day.
On the spur-of-the-moment, tell her that you’re taking her out. Try a new restaurant, go for a long walk on the beach, or go for a picnic in the park.
Surprise her with a gift once in a while. Do this because you want to show her how beautiful she is: flowers, a box of chocolates, tickets to her favourite play, or a mix CD of her favourite tunes. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it’s the meaning behind them that matters.
Whisper steamy compliments in her ear when you’re out and about.
Take photos together. Have her pose for you seductively.
Give her a sensual massage with oils. Touch her body all over and tell her how much you love it.
Take her on a date every week. Set a date night and spend some quality time together.
Hold her hand across the table and tell her how much you adore her.
Kiss her on the neck and wrap your arms around her when she’s cooking or putting her makeup on.
Tell her she’s beautiful even when she’s not feeling her best: when she wakes up, when she’s sick, and when she least expects it.
Making your girl feel sexy, beautiful and confident will dramatically improve your emotional and physical relationship. Come up with your own ideas and express your feelings too. Not only will she feel more appreciated and adored, she’ll also feel more sexually confident and be willing to experiment more in the bedroom. It’s a win-win situation for both of you!

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