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How to Attract Women During the Day

by nick

A lot of men reduce their chances of meeting and attracting women by only approaching them in clubs and bars. If you’ve only ever learned about ‘game’ that applies in social surroundings such as night clubs, bars and parties, then even the thought of approaching an attractive woman during the day may seem daunting. But imagine being able to meet women all the time, every time you step outside of your house. It will increase the number of women you can seduce, date and have sex with and it’s actually a whole lot easier than you think.

What is Day Game?

As mentioned above, when you go out in the evening, you usually approach women in clubs and bars. When you run into a woman during the day, you’ll find the location will differ. In fact it could be anywhere; cafes, shops, malls, bus stops, on train platforms, college campuses – even in the street.

Bars and night clubs are designed for social interaction during the evening, and it’s quite natural and expected for both men and women to socialize there.  On the other hand, during the daytime, women aren’t usually in a sociable mood; they’re often busy, running errands and generally minding their own business.  However, if they’re not out with friends, they’re often bored and with that in mind, you can use this to your advantage.

The Benefits of Day Game

Approaching women during the day time has a few advantages over night time:

  • Women are usually alone – they probably won’t be at night.
  • Women aren’t used to men approaching them in the daytime, so they don’t have a negative attitude towards it.
  • You’ll be meeting the real person with the real personality – most women have a persona that they adopt in a club/bar.
  • As you’ll both be sober (hopefully) and being yourselves, any number you get during the day is a lot more solid.
  • You’ll get a chance to meet different types of women – not just those that go to night clubs and bars.

How to Approach Women During the Day Time


Display a big confident smile. I don’t mean the type of smile where you raise the corners of your mouth – that’ll only creep her out. Instead smile with your mouth and eyes – a curious type of smile. You’re a curious person, you’re living a happy and successful life and you’d like to get to know this beautiful woman. This is what your smile should convey. In addition to this, establish eye contact as soon as possible.

First Words

Have you ever asked someone for directions? Or the time? Of course you have. Now what do you say first when you approach strangers?

“Excuse me?”

Now think about how a person reacts when you say these two words. It’s more than likely that they’re going to stop and look at you. Now use these simple two words to stop any woman in her tracks and immediately get her attention.

Some will say that you should never apologize for talking to them. However I disagree. You’re stopping someone that’s currently busy, so saying “excuse me” is an acceptable way to start the conversation – it’s what you say after that counts! And the beauty of it is from the first “excuse me” the conversation can go anywhere.

The Conversation

Before you continue the conversation, introduce a false time constraint – explaining that you won’t be around too long. Say something like, “I’m meeting a friend in a minute, but I wanted to stop and say hi” or “I am on my way to work, but I had to stop and say hi. My name is…”

You can either be direct or use the situation to start the conversation – by highlighting something she does, something she’s wearing, an event or object in your surroundings or just a general observation. No matter how you go about it, you indicate that you’re in a rush yourself (doesn’t matter whether you are or not) which gives you the following advantages:

  • She won’t feel pressured
  • She won’t think that you’ll stop her from keeping to her schedule
  •  If you make a good first impression, then she’ll realize that she can lose you again any minute

Now, from there you want to be fun without trying to be too clever. The aim is to have a nice and easy conversation, something that both of you will enjoy while it lasts – and then, if you’re getting a good vibe, you can always meet up with her again.

Imagine that you’ve bumped into a friend that you haven’t seen in a long time. One of the first things that you’d probably do is arrange to meet up again soon: “I’ve got to get going, but why don’t we go to this great bar I know on Wednesday for a drink? They have live music.” And there you have it; you’ve set up the next date. You may even go on a date there and then: “You have nothing to do right now? Let’s grab some coffee.” If you can’t do either, end the conversation with, “I enjoyed this conversation, how can we continue it?”

Other Tips

  • Your tone of voice when you ask a question will convey more than the words themselves. For example, if you say it as a question with a high pitch, then you’ll come across as shy and nervous. If you say it in a monotone voice then you’ll come across as boring and dull. The correct way to say it is with a calm, confident and manly voice. This intonation change will result in a successful approach.
  • Stand at an angle towards her, has if you’re about to leave – do not crowd her.
  • Allow her to contribute to the conversation. After the first couple of lines, when there’s a natural pause, don’t try and force the conversation to flow, and don’t worry about what you’re going to say next. You’ll be surprised how often women will keep it going.

So that’s our basic introduction on how to meet and attract women during the day. There’s just one more thing: To make your daytime approach successful, you must show the woman early on – almost immediately – some sort of interest. Otherwise, this will just be another generic conversation that she’ll forget about later that day.

If you want to learn more about approaching and attracting women during the day then I highly recommend you try The Day Game Blueprint. With 18+ hours of video instructions (that’s not including the hours of bonus material), instructors Andy and Yad share their vast amount of knowledge of day game. You get to watch video footage of them approaching women during the day; showing you exactly how they do it and how to interact with women. They breakdown the process to help you understand; how and why they’re doing what they’re doing and why it works. They also show the contrast of new students that didn’t do so well and show why it didn’t work for them at the time. And the best part is; if you can master picking up women on the street, then you can pretty much pick up women anywhere…

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